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The Truth Matters: Part 4

lightIn a court of law it is a crime to lie under oath. The underline assumption is that lying prevents justice. Actually, it is worse than that. Lying under oath promotes injustice because lying is normally done to cover up a crime or other illegal activities. If the guilty gets away with lying, then, the innocent will suffer. There are many men and women incarcerated today in the United States and around the world solely because criminals lied, lawyers protected the liars, and the courts accepted their lies. Finding the truth in criminal cases is not always easy, but the only way an innocent person will have to survive a corrupt system is if the system does not tolerate liars.

Today we live in what has been labeled a “postmodern society.” Postmodernism is the sanitized version to describe three basic things: (1) the individual is the maximum authority for morality; (2) absolute truth does not exist, and therefore, my truth is absolute to me at the time that I speak it, but it may not be the truth five minutes from now; (3) since I am my own highest moral authority, I can lie for the purpose to indulge in all my vices without having to listen to your sanctimonious and religious craziness. If you ask any young person who has spent one semester in any university, they will tell you these things without even realizing that they have been brain washed to conform to the world’s moral standard that is based on sexual immorality, deception, and idolatry.

There are plenty of lies running around the world today, mostly as politically correct tools to control the population. Allow me to give you several: (1) Abortion is a woman’s right for reproduction. This statement is a lie on several fronts. Abortion is the opposite of reproduction. Reproduction means to give birth to children. Abortion means to kill the children before they are born. Abortion is a lie and anyone who promotes it, is also a liar. (2) Global warming is man made. If man causes global warming, why do people that believe in global warming believe that establishing a worldwide communist dictatorship is the solution to the problem? The reason is that global warming is the hiding place for communist, atheists, and fascists. Look it up. The world was hotter during the middle ages than it is today. The reason for this is that the big shinning star in the middle of our solar system determines earth temperatures. (3) Islam is the religion of peace. There are more than twenty war fronts in the world today and all of them have Islam as the common denominator. There have been more than 25,000 acts of terror in the world over the last 15 years and Islam is responsible for 98% of them. A video just came out in which the Islamic State stoned to death a young woman for adultery. While adultery is a bad thing, I think Jesus’ approach is much healthier. He told the woman caught in adultery, “neither I condemn you, go and sin no more.” Many Muslim might be peaceful, but Islam as such, is not a religion of peace. It is the religion of submission.

Lies enslave us all. And only the truth found in Jesus Christ can set us free. This is the reason Jesus said that “He was the truth.” Be alert for the days are getting shorter before the return of Christ.

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