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Atheism and Morality: Part One

god-is-good_t_nvAtheists exhibit the classic symptoms of a person who has suffered a catastrophic spiritual injury. In my book “Healing the Broken Spirit” (second edition) I define a spiritual injury as “an inherent contradiction between what a person instinctively believes to be true and what is actually true.” Atheists not only do not believe in God, they also reject the concepts of design in the universe, of objective morality, of purpose, of conscience, and of objective truth. In spite of all this, atheists speak about “being moral”, having a conscience, having purpose to live good lives on this earth, and claim to pursue the “truth” through science to deny God.

Each one of the previous elements is spiritual in nature. By spiritual I mean that none of these elements can be explained through genetic formation or through the contradictory evolutionary concept of “natural selection.” John B. Wright makes the argument that if atheism depends on the “selfish gene” to survive, then, it cannot explain the actions of people who act with goodness to a member of any family, clan, or race other than his own. Wright’s point is that a “selfish gene”, that is the product of an unconscious process such as purposeless evolution, cannot be free to act philanthropically, because it is predisposed to act selfishly in favor of his group or clan. In other words, atheism does not have a legitimate philosophical or logical system to explain philanthropy and morality.

The saddest part of the atheistic philosophy is that it is inherently racist because the “selfish gene” (which is a myth by the way) would not want to contribute to the survival of any other race, or group of people. Atheists hate Hitler, and yet evolution and atheism gave meaning to Hitler twisted philosophy. Since the “selfish gene” is “amoral” (it does not have any morality except what benefits the clan) it is impossible to speak of human rights as a worldwide concept. The concept of rights is a spiritual entitlement given to humanity by the Creator. However, if the Creator does not exist, then there are no human rights.

Vox Day describes atheists in the western world as parasites. A parasite enjoys the blessings of eating the host while killing it. The idiot parasite does not realize that when the host dies, he will die with it. Atheists enjoy the blessings and the morality established by the Judeo-Christian ethic, but claim they could have achieved the same results without Christianity. However, if we take a journey around the globe we find that when Christianity is the faith of the people, there is prosperity, low crimes, and running water—yes—running water. Look at the world without Christianity and you have slavery, the oppression of women, and rampant sectarian violence. Atheism is the privilege of the privileged. That is, the only “successful” atheists are located in countries founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic. Atheism cannot survive anywhere else in the world, unless it imposes its will through violence, i. e, the former Soviet Union, Cambodia, Cuba, China, etc. Atheism is not only bankrupt. It destroys people’s drive to succeed.

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